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We are one of best House keeping material supplier in chennai, Give the best quality products in the market. Our List of Products-Eco Friendly Room Freshner Sprays (Automatic & Manual Aerosols) Air Freshners-Odonil & MISTI Sanitary Cubes-SANITOL TOILET ROLLS & BRUSHES & SCRUBBERS FLOOR CLEANERS - DAZZLE & HYGENOL Toilet Cleaners- SANITOL, SANI FRESH, HARPIC LIQUID DETERGENT-ALL PURPOSE Perfumed Hard Wash-Fem & LIQSOAP Compound Phenyle and Sanitizers. FLOOR MOPS; WIPERS; SWAB CLOTHS Checked Cloth; Yellow cloth; Napkins BLEACHING POWDER ISI Garbage bags-Small-Large-Extra Large Pesticides; BAYTEX; BAYGON; HIT; PESTSEAL; ODOMOS Guest Size TOILET SOAPS; TOOTHPASTE; TOOTH BRUSHES;(Set Pkt) Guest Size PROMISE Shar CREAM, Razor Set Twin Blade (Set) Guest Size Odomos Sachet Dust Pans; Dust Bins; CADDY-BUCKETS; BROOMS Liquid Soap Dispensers; C Fold Dispensers Paper Napkins, Gloves, COLIN; GOOD NIGHT; BRASSO
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